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Bengt Lindström, artist, Storsjö kapell, 1925-2008, foto © Hans Erixon

Bengt Lindström

1925 - 2008

"The Master of Ancient Nordic Mythology"

Mora Register

Bengt Lindström

world-class art in Mora

Bengt Lindström Utställning Mora

Bengt Lindström Utställning Mora

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47 artpieces from the collection

"Bengt Lindström, The Master of Ancient Nordic Mythology" has now visited Mora on its way to the world's art metropolises.

Curt Aspelin:
We got an incredible response from the audience. This preview made as great success as the first one in Storsjö kapell. It has been three days of celebration for Bengt Lindström, the Master of Ancient Nordic Mythology and his magnificent artwork."


"For me, who is an old Morabo, it is amazingly fun that so many visited our memorial exhibition during this weekend. Although we could only show the exhibition for 11 hours, there were still 1137 visitors who were able to see all the forty seven pieces of world class art by Bengt Lindström we displayed.


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