The Bengt Lindström Society

The Bengt Lindström Society in Storsjö kapell, Sweden is a non-profit association, religiously and politically neutral, whose purpose is to encourage the members shared interest - the artist, Bengt Lindström, who was born in Storsjö kapell on the 3rd of September in 1925. The association will organize art exhibitions and other activities to create interest and spread knowledge about the artist, his art, his birthplace Storsjö kapell and how his upbringing close to the lake Storsjön in the Swedish mountains affected his future artistry.


Curt Aspelin, Chairman

Pekka Ronkainen

Ingrid Ronkainen

Jeff Burke


Bengt Lindström Sällskapet (Society)

Box 16

S-845 98 Storsjö kapell


+46 70 756 85 65, Ingrid Ronkainen

+46 70 954 47 17, Pekka Ronkainen

+46 70 463 77 73, Curt Aspelin


For any inquiries, questions, visiting arrangements or newsletters, please send a message.

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The Bengt Lindström Society

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