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Norrköping 2024
Galleri Sander in Norrköping
JAN 13 – FEB 10, 2024
New exciting art exhibition with the
colorful artist Bengt Lindström
In collaboration with Galleri Sander in Norrköping, Bengt Lindström Art Tour starts the new year with a captivating Lindström exhibition. Bengt Lindström (1925–2008) became during his lifetime one of Sweden's most internationally known artists. It is with pride that we now present our upcoming exhibition:
"Bengt Lindström, Rödluvan och Vargen"

Curt Aspelin, entrepreneur, author, chairman Bengt Lindström Society,

organizer Bengt Lindström Art Tour:

"One of the highlights of the exhibition is Lindström's celebrated "Rödluvan och Vargen" (Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf). It's a large and powerful work of art, 2 x 2 meters, painted in 1992. The work contains a captivating composition and reflects Lindström's fascination for the untamed forces of nature and his belief in the instincts that connect man and animal. "Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf" is privately owned and one of several hundred Bengt Lindström paintings that we, through the Bengt Lindström Art Tour project, have the privilege of showing both nationally and internationally."


Joakim Sander, gallerist Galleri Sander Norrköping:

"In addition to the mighty "Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf", the exhibition will show many more works by Lindström, large and small oil paintings, acrylics, works in mixed media, the unique tapestry and many lithographs. This is a much anticipated art exhibition that will captivate art enthusiasts of all ages and give the audience a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Lindström's expressive art. In addition, during the exhibition we will have a lot of art by Bengt Lindström for sale."


Johan Cederlund, museum director The Zorn museum, adjunct professor

of art studies at Uppsala University:

"Bengt Lindström had an exceptional talent and distinctive style. Through large, bold brushstrokes, clear vivid colors and powerful symbolism, he created a visual language that arouses both curiosity and strong emotions. At this exhibition, the visitor will have the chance to explore the artist's deep connection to mythological beings, the Nordics and the nature of the mountain world."

Now take the opportunity and immerse yourself in Bengt Lindström's expressive forms and captivating world. Reserve January 13, 2024 for a meeting with Bengt Lindström's rtwork.

The exhibition runs from Jan 13 – Feb 10, 2024 at Galleri Sander, Norra Promenaden 33, Norrköping.

A warm welcome to the opening

Saturday, January 13, 2024 from

11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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