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Bengt Lindström

1925 - 2008

Bengt's father was the village teacher and had a great interest in the ethnic culture of the Sámi people whom he helped and became good friends with. He taught and accommodated  their children. From his early years, Bengt met the Sámi children in his home and was amazed by their brightly colored clothing.

When his father got a new teaching assignment in Ulvvik, the family moved on the 14th of July, 1932, to Finsvik, outside Älandsbro in the parish of Säbrå. In 1944, after graduating in Härnösand, Bengt enrolled at Isac Grünewald's College of Art. Isac Grünewald, the former pupil of Matisse, became his teacher. He studied at several art schools in Copenhagen, Chicago, and Paris for other teachers such as Aksel Jörgensen, André Lhote, and Fernand Legér. At Académie André Lhote, Bengt met Marie-Louise Boudriot, whom he married in 1951. They had two children together, Marianna and Alexandre.


From 1947, Bengt lived and worked in Paris. In 1968 He spent his summers in Essvik outside Sundsvall in Sweden. He also used to visit his birthplace, Storsjö kapell, almost every year and spent some time up in the mountains.

In Paris, Bengt Lindström was acquainted with the art of Braque, Chagall, Matisse and Picasso, the trailblazers, who were of great importance to Bengt's young and open mind.


Bengt Lindström, the master of the colors, whose art can not be met with indifference, became one of Sweden's most internationally renowned artists. He is represented at many museums around the world. After a long period of illness he died on January 29, 2008.

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