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Bengt Lindström in Mora – new exciting preview 

with pieces of art from the upcoming memorial exhibition, "Bengt Lindström, The Master of Ancient Nordic Mythology".

Press preview:

Thursday the 30th of November 2017, at 13 – 15


December 1, 2017, opening hours 15 – 18


Open to the public:

December 2, 2017, opening hours 12 – 16

December 3, 2017, opening hours 14 – 18


Gamla Handelsbanken, Kyrkogatan 22B, Mora

Once again, The Bengt Lindström Society in Storsjö kapell,

has the honor to present a preview of the upcoming international memorial exhibition "Bengt Lindström, The Master of Ancient Nordic Mythology". The exhibition will open in 2018, ten years after the artist's death.

The second preview will take place in Mora on 1 - 3 December, 2017
It is expected to be as successful as the first one that was held in the artist's birth place Storsjö kapell. The exhibition in Mora will feature world class art and include some very large oil paintings.


Ingrid Ronkainen, project leader:

"During the period 2018 - 2021, the memorial exhibition will be shown around the world. It will start in the US and later it will move on to Europe. The exhibition will include around 100 of Bengt Lindström's most important works from his best period. It is so exciting that we in Mora have access to more space. It gives us the chance to show more of the artist's art. Curt Aspelin's guided tours were highlights at the first preview in Storsjö kapell and were greatly appreciated by everybody. People visiting the preview in Mora will of course also be given the chance to listen to Curt when he, in such an inspiring way, speaks about the paintings, his life long friend, Bengt Lindström and responds to any questions that the people watching may have".


Marie Jonsson, project leader:

"In Mora there will be some magnificent mythological paintings on display. A handwoven 3 x 3 meters French tapestry will also be featured in the preview. As project leader one is speechless when the reaction is as positive as it was in Storsjö kapell. There were people from all around Sweden and of course many locals. We are looking forward to a similar success in Mora".


Curt Aspelin, organizer of the exhibition "Bengt Lindström, The Master of Ancient Nordic Mythology":

"We were really happy with the first preview in Storsjö kapell where we got off to a great start. The exhibition was a great success both with people who attended the vernissage and with those who came to see the exhibition. The fact that the second preview will take place in Mora, one of Bengt's favorite places, is of course very exciting. It will be a celebration of the great artist, Bengt Lindström, "The Master of Ancient Nordic Mythology" and his fabulous art.

Bengt Lindström 1925 – 2008

One of Swedens's most beloved artists, Bengt Lindström, was born on the 3rd of September 1925 in the small mountain village Storsjö kapell, in Härjedalen, Norrland. His upbringing in a remote village in the middle of the wilderness, amongst the Samis and lumberjacks and surrounded by mountains, lakes, forests and mythological legends greatly influenced him as an artist. Bengt used to say: "The colors in my paintings are those in Norrland when the snow has disappeared. Blue suggests the mountains, red the autumn landscape, green and yellow - spring and summer.”


As a 19-year-old he traveled out in the world and studied for various masters. In 1947 he finally came to Paris, where he lived and worked for most of his life. Like all other great artists, Bengt Lindström was very productive. Nobody can accurately say how many art works he created during his lifetime. He worked in oil, made lithographs, etchings, artwork in glass, created sculptures and large monumental works.


Bengt Lindström became famous all over the world for his use of strong colors and rapid, powerful brushstrokes, for his flowing energy och colorful paintings with wild mythological beings constantly present. His subtle feeling for balance did not only fascinate the Swedish audience but also a wide international audience. Bengt Lindström is one of the few Swedish artists who experienced international fame during his lifetime. He is represented at many museums around the world. In 2018 it will be ten years since Bengt Lindström died after a long period of illness.

Documents and photos for downloading:

1. Press release 2017-11

2. Photo: Bengt Lindström, 1967, photo © Hans Erixon

3. Photo: Team "Preview Mora 2017", photo © Pekka Ronkainen, from the left: Marie Jonsson, Ingrid Ronkainen, Virve Arama, Curt Aspelin. The team also includes Pekka Ronkainen.

4. Photo: Curt Aspelin, 2017, photo © Pekka Ronkainen

5. Photo: "The Creation", oil painting 2 x 2,4 meters, photo © Pekka Ronkainen

6. Photo: Handwoven French tapestry 3 x 3 meters, photo © Pekka Ronkainen

For further information please contact:


Ingrid Ronkainen

+46 (0)70-756 85 65


Marie Jonsson

+46 (0)70-221 44 53


Curt Aspelin

+46 (0)70-463 77 73



Bengt Lindström Sällskapet Storsjö kapell




Please give us a call and we will gladly send Curt Aspelin's books about Bengt Lindström.

The books are currently only available in Swedish.


1. ”Bengt Lindströms 175 bästa”

2. ”Den stora konstsvindeln, arvet efter Bengt Lindström”

3. ”En resa med människan och konstnären Bengt Lindström”

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